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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Statement  by Coalition of Religious leaders, Civil Society Organizations, Parents, Children & Citizens of Uganda:
[Delivered at Public Meeting  with Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga at the CHOGM Gardens next to the Parliament of Uganda on November 9, 2012]
The Rt. Hon Speaker of Parliament, Members of Parliament
Religious Leaders Civil Society Leaders Parents
Ladles & Gentlemen
All protocol observed
Rt. Hon. Speaker, we thank you for making the time in your busy schedule to come and meet us as a coalition of religious leaders, civil society leaders, parents, and students who are here representing the citizens of Uganda.
Many of our people who came to welcome you at the airport last week were not able to see you and were not able to properly  welcome you back in our warm Ugandan sty/e. For that matter, we now wish to welcome you properly  back to Uganda after doing such a wonderful job of standing for our values and culture in Canada. We thank you for accepting our request for this meeting.
We also wish to now thank you officially  as Ugandans for the brave and firm way that you defended the sovereignty of our nation. You did not allow yourself to be bullied or .intimidated by Canada and other powerful Western nations that are fond of arm-twisting developing nations to force them to adopt Western culture some of which is perversion such as homosexuality.
We thank you as a nation and honor you for following the example of the President in making a historic stand in the face of such arrogance as was being displayed at the IPU meeting.
Indeed this brave stand you made as one of the delegates turned out to be the GIANT STAND that represented the position of all the right thinking nations of the world.  We have heard of how delegates from African, Arab, Asian and South
America gave you a standing ovation  after your prolific  defense of our culture and morals.  We say BRAVO to you Hon. Speaker. We as Ugandans are proud of you and you have made us proud.
Rt. Hon. Speaker, we are gathered here this morning very troubled by what we consider as a serious threat  to our children, marriages, families, culture, convictions and our very way of life.
Rt. Hon Speaker, allow me to refresh your memory.
In the  early  months  of  2009, information came to  light  that  our  children  were being molested  and recruited into  gay activities  (homosexuality and lesbianism). This was being carried  out by well-organized and well trained  homosexual groups operating  in  our  schools  and  institutions of  higher  learning  with  funding  and backing from some Western governments and international organizations.
The whole nation  was outraged  and on April 23, 2009 a petition was delivered to Parliament with  signatures  from  all over the nation  asking Parliament  to urgently take measures to safeguard our children and nation from the onslaught of this destructive vice of homosexuality.
Rt. Hon Speaker, the petition was received by none other than yourself when you were the Deputy Speaker. Subsequently, on October 14, 2009, Hon. David Bahati the MP for Ndorwa  West tabled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill [AHB] in Parliament.
The  AHB  raised  unprecedented international  reactions   and  response  mainly coming from  international gay activists, international organizations  and Western nations that have come under the influence  of the gay agenda. While the spirit of the AHB was mainly to provide  protection to the innocent children  of Uganda, the gay activists using the  powerful Western  media  which  they  control, deliberately distorted the facts about  the bill and misled the world  into  thinking that the AHB was a “hunt gays and kill gays” bill. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Uganda as a nation  was then  put  under  pressure to block the  AHB. To this end, government   officials,   MPs  and  the   President   were   pressurized   using  every possible means and in every possible  international forum  to  drop  the  AHB. The international gay machinery  and Western  governments then  poured  millions  of United States Dollars in Uganda to support the gay agenda in Uganda.
Some of the things that this money was used for include: training  and building the capacity of Ugandan gay activist groups, recruiting and training  lawyers to defend homosexuals   in  court,  directly   offering money  to  people  in  key  positions  to oppose the  AHB and threatening them  with  denial  of visas and other  threats  if they   don’t    agree.   They   also  sponsored    programs   in  the   media   that   are sympathetic  to  the  gay agenda, offering money  and favors to  lure  weak, needy and poor  Ugandan  youth  into  homosexuality/lesbianism. They further embarked on strategic  activities in  our  institutions of  higher  learning  where  students  are directly  and deliberately indoctrinated with  gay-biased information in the lecture rooms right  from  first  year. It is deplorable and indeed  sad to note  that  students who refuse to accept the gay philosophy are deliberately failed.
In the  early  months  of  last year, some  sections  of the  international gay activist groups began celebrating their  success in managing  to  ”kill” the  AHB. However, the  bill  has  managed  to  stay  alive  and  has successfully  crossed  from  the 8th Parliament to the 9th  Parliament.
Rt. Hon  Speaker, we  are  grieved  as Ugandans  to  watch  this  drama  of  events happen  before  our  very  eyes as the  vice of  homosexuality  takes its toll  on our children  and  nation. Parents  mourn   quietly   as their   sons  and  daughters  are molested in schools by homosexuals  and they have nowhere  to turn for help.
Young boys  are  constantly  sexually  abused  with  impunity by  powerful personalities and their  cries fall on deaf ears as their  abusers threaten them  and boast  of  being  ”untouchable” in  our  very  nation,  where  according  to  the  law books  homosexuality  is  still  a crime.   As though   that  is  not  enough,  there  is rampant  availability of pornography. Also numerous  movies and soap operas that are broadcast  in the  nation  contain  homosexual content.  This is all a deliberate strategy by the gay agenda to desensitize our children  and reprogram their  minds and attitudes to accept homosexuality as a viable and equal alternative  to heterosexuality.
Rt. Hon. Speaker, we cannot sit back while  such destructive phenomenon is taking place in our nation. We therefore as responsible citizens feel duty bound to bring this  matter  to  your  attention as the  leader  of  Parliament  so that  you our  law makers can do  something to  quickly  address this  deteriorating situation  in our nation.
We  therefore  stand   united   as  Ugandans  on  this   matter  of   homosexuality regardless of our tribes, ethnicities, political affiliations, social and religious backgrounds and wish to state as follows:-
i.        That  we  support  the  stand  that  His Excellency the  President, you Rt.Hon. Speaker and the government have taken on homosexuality  stating that it is a vice and as such is not an acceptable behavior  in our nation.
ii.       That  we  will  stand  behind  the  government  and  all  our  leaders  and encourage  them  to stand firmly  and defend  our position as a nation on homosexuality  in   all   fora,   whether    local  or   international.  We  as Ugandans are ready to pay the price of maintaining our values, cultural and  societal  norms  whatever  the  cost might  be. We categorically  say that we will not sell our national  birthright in exchange for a few dollars to softening on the vice of homosexuality.
iii.       We encourage  all leaders at all levels to emulate  your good example Rt.
Hon  Speaker  and  that  of  the  President  to  accurately  represent  our position as a nation on homosexuality.
We now request you Rt. Han Speaker to use your good offices to:-
i.            Urgently  have the  Parliament  debate  and pass the  Anti-Homosexuality Bill without any further delay. Nothing  would  make us happier  than a dully passed anti-homosexuality bill as a Christmas gift this year.
ii.        Institute a parliamentary committee to  investigate  the  extent  of  the recruitment of our  children  into  homosexuality· and the  impact  of this vice in our schools, institutions of higher learning and any other relevant areas of our society.
iii.       Establish a safe mechanism  whereby  our  sons and daughters who are molested  by homosexuals can be protected from  harm by the homosexual abusers and their machinery.
iv.       Maintain homosexual  behavior as a crime in our law books.
v.            Explore  ways  of  collaborating or  working together with  the  religious groups,  civil  society  groups,  other  stakeholders  such  as schools and universities to find viable interventions to mitigate the damage that has been   wrecked    in   our   society   by  the   gay  agenda   that   has  been operational in our nation for some time now.
In closing, we are aware that some of our youth have been misled by gay activists and  have  been   led   into   the   vice  of   homosexuality  using  inducement   and enticement. We  are  also aware  that  there  are  those  whose  surroundings  and other  factors  leads them  to  same sex attractions. For such people, we extend a hand  of  love  and  understanding and give  them  the  good  news  that  change is possible through  counseling, guidance and spiritual  and professional help.
To this end, no Ugandan  should sentence themselves  to a life of misery because of the false gay propaganda  that  change is impossible.  Many  homosexual  people have been successfully restored  to heterosexuality over the centuries.  Change is possible  and  our   religious   leaders  and  civil  society   organizations   with   the appropriate competencies will  spearhead the move to· bring  restoration to those Ugandans who need it.

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