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Monday, 5 November 2012


Homos Targeting Kindergartens, Says Bahati

Ndorwa West MP David Bahati (right),  Bill Clinton posing for a picture with Gay Right’s Activist Frank Mugisha (center) at a party.
Known for his homophobia, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati has now warned parents to take extreme precautions as homosexuals are busy targeting new recruits in kindergartens. Bahati delivered the message on Sunday while presiding over Kampala Kindergarten Association end of year concert held at Didi’s World – Kasanga in Kampala.
When he took to the podium, Bahati said that the theme of the day ‘motivation leads to independence’,  was rich because of its relevance to the children gathered who without doubt are the future leaders. At this point he expressed his discontent with the impunity gays are propping up to recruit toddlers in nursery schools.
“We now have a problem with homosexuals who are targeting nursery kids. We must fight them seriously and bring it to an end. As teachers, be on the look out to protect the moral fabric of the nation as we in Government find way of fighting this depravity,” he said.
His remarks come at a time when MPs in Parliament have intensified immense pressure on passing of Anti-gay bill. Speaking to press yesterday, Bahati again reiterated that the bill is before the Parliamentary Legal and Affairs committee. But he vouched that he will ‘energize’ to see the bill passed before the year ends. “Right now the bill is before the committee we shall debate it in this session and before end of 2012 we shall come up with a resolution,” he said.
Bahati insisted that he is firm and not even Sandy Storm that hit America recently could move him to change his mind. He is remembered to have shaken the world when he advocated for the death of homos by hanging.
Barely a fortnight ago, Ugandan Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga blasted Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for attacking Uganda on homosexuality.
“If homosexuality is a value for the Canadian people, that is not a problem for us, that is its issue, but one should not force Ugandans to accept homosexuality because we’re not Canadian citizens,” Kadaga said to thunderous applause from the floor.http://www.redpepper.co.ug/?p=1628#comment-5875

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