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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ugandan Hang the Gays Giles Muhame Admits Wrong and Regret

But fails to apologize to the gays and does nothing to make amends to the LGBTI community in Uganda
By Melanie Nathan, Oct 10, 2012

In a self serving speech to a journalism class, Giles Muhame, the ex-editor of the Ugandan Rolling Stone Magazine, makes an admission of causing harm to gays and notes his regret for the “Hang the gays” article that he procured back in 2010.

Muhame wrote an article outing and exposing 100 gays in Uganda by showing their photographs and depicting a hang rope with the notation “Hang them!” This caused untold harm and some gay Ugandans were beaten, arrested and others fled the country.

Now Giles Muhame is trying to redeem his anti-gay hate with a futile statement of regret to a class of journalists in Uganda. (Please see the Giles Muhame form of Journalism below.)
In fact he is so proud of himself that he sent me a personal e-mail telling me that I may be interested in the article. About a year ago Muhame called me and told me that a speech I had made in Cape Town as keynote speaker at Cape Town Pride had inspired him to change his views on gays. Our interactions continued on the topic, but Muhame, instead of coming out with an apology and retraction, proceeded to pursue a book deal so he could make money off his turnaround.
However, that does not seem to have come off and since then Muhame started working on a new online publication. This publication, The Chimpreport, caused a journalist teacher Alan Greene at Victoria University in Kampala to invite Muhame to give a speech to the class. http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2012/10/10/ugandan-hang-the-gays-giles-muhame-admits-wrong-and-regret/

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